Faithfully Subversive January 18, 2010

Year 5, Episode 3

News & Discussion Topics:

  • Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (more info)
  • Churches' Response to Haiti Needs (more info)
  • Pat Robertson on Haiti's "Pact with the Devil" (more info)
  • MLK's Guidelines for the Church (more info)
  • Song of the Soul - Cris Williamson
  • Eye to Eye - Amy Grant
  • In Haiti There is Anguish - Limestone Presbyterian
  • All Good Naysayers - Sufjan Stevens
  • Fire in the Church - Halcyon

Upcoming Local Events: MLK Day Recognitions in Southern Illinois, Sunday and Monday (details)


Faithfully Subversive January 11, 2010

Year 5, Episode 2

Summary Unavailable


Faithfully Subversive January 4, 2010

Year 5, Episode 1

"Faith is not a political tool. And houses of worship are not appropriate backdrops for government actions. We risk weakening the vitality of religion and the integrity of government when we fail to respect the boundaries between the two."

~Rev. C. Welton Gaddy, president of the Interfaith Alliance, after Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty signed a bill to legalize same-sex marriage (which Gaddy supported) inside All Souls (Unitarian-Universalist) Church in Washington

News & Discussion Topics:

  • Christmas and New Year
  • Pay What You Can Cafe (more info)
  • Turn Turn Turn - Edens Bridge
  • Let It Ring - Amy Ray
  • Man In Black - Johnny Cash
  • Why is Your Heaven So Small - Susan Werner
  • If You Eat Each Day - Brian Sircchio
  • Turn Turn Turn - The Byrds