Faithfully Subversive March 19, 2009

Year 4, Episode 11

"The debate over Guantanamo usually slides immediately into the moral dilemma of whether it's permissible to abuse or 'torture terrorists.' It's an important debate but it obscures a basic flaw: many of them weren't terrorists."

~Stephen Waldman

News & Discussion Topics:
  • AIG Abuses & the Economy of Greed 
  • Stem Cells-Lifting the Ban on Federal Funding 
  • Terrorists & Torture (more info) 
  • "Playing with the Big Boys"- Prince of Egypt Soundtrack 

Upcoming Local Event: CANDLE LIGHT VIGIL marking 6th Anniversary of Iraq Invasion, Thursday, March 19, Labyrinth Peace Garden at the Interfaith Center, 7-8 p.m.

A solemn candle light vigil to remember what has been lost in lives, resources, reputation, and progress toward a more peaceful world will be held from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday, March 19th, the day the bombs started falling on Baghdad in 2003. At the Labyrinth at the Interfaith Center, corner of Illinois and Grand Ave. in Carbondale. The vigil and a display to honor those killed and injured in the war.

On Saturday, March 21st the same sponsors will conduct a "Put America to Work, Not War!" Vigil, Rally and March will be held at the Town Square Pavilion in Carbondale. The message is that the war in Iraq is wrong and the cost is too great, it is time to bring all the troops and contractors home. U.S. intelligence agencies agree that every day the occupation of Iraq continues the threat of terrorism worldwide increases rather than decreases. Afghanistan is not "the good war," the people of that country overwhelmingly oppose the introduction of more troops. Civilian deaths there fuel further resentment and frustration. $720 million is spent every day in Iraq and costs in Afghanistan will escalate with more troops. To solve our economic crisis we must stop pouring billions of our tax dollars into war and occupation. It is time to re-build our communities. Contacts: Georgeann Hartzog, 521-4239, EG Hughes, 549-1409


Faithfully Subversive March 12, 2009

Year 5, Episode 11

News & Discussion Topics:

  • One - Billy Jonas
  • Across the Universe - Fiona Apple