Faithfully Subversive January 25, 2007

Year 2, Episode 4

News & Discussion Topics:

  • Gay Lutheran pastor on trial, supported by congregation (more info)
  • Christians on all sides of reproductive choice issues* (more info)
  • Remembering Sponge Bob's welcome at the UCC (more info)


  • Precious Declarations - Collective Soul
  • It's Alright - Indigo Girls
  • Virus of the Mind - Heather Nova

* Upcoming Local Event
"Faithfully Pro-Choice" lecture by Karen Lipinczyk, UCC pastor and former Cleveland Director of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice - Thursday, Feb. 1st at 6 pm, SIU Student Center Illinois Room


Faithfully Subversive January 18, 2007

Year 2, Episode 3

News & Discussion Topics:

  • Theme Show - Spirituality in Disney music
  • Celebrate the Future Hand in Hand - Millennium Celebration
  • Colors of the Wind - Pocahontas Soundtrack
  • Circle of Life - Lion King Soundtrack
  • Reflection - Mulan Soundtrack
  • We Go On - Epcot Illuminations


Faithfully Subversive January 11, 2007

Year 2, Episode 2

News & Discussion Topics:

  • "Jesus is my boyfriend" - Taking the God-as-lover metaphor too far (more info)
  • Sarah reviews the Jesus Camp documentary (more info)
  • Faith leaders call for fair minimum wage (more info)


  • Sanctuary - Billy Jonas
  • Six Flags Over Jesus - Jamie Anderson
  • What About the Love - Amy Grant


Faithfully Subversive January 4, 2007

Year 2, Episode 1

News & Discussion Topics:
  • Congressional Representative to use Qur'an for swearing in - Discussion of religious pluralism (more info)
  • Christian leaders speak out against the death penalty, Saddam Hussein's execution (more info)


  • They'll Know We Are Christians - Carolyn Arends
  • Should I Call You Jesus - Billie Myers
  • All Good Naysayers, Speak Up! Or Forever Hold Your Peace - Sufjan Stevens


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