Faithfully Subversive December 21, 2009

Year 4, Episode 50

"Rabbi Shimon ben Gamaliel, sent his servant to the market to buy some good food. The servant returned with tongue. Then he sent him to buy some bad food and again he returned with tongue. Rabbi Shimon asked, why when asked to bring 'good' and 'bad' food, he brought the same tongue? The servant replied: 'It is the source of good and evil. When it is good, there is nothing better, when it is bad there is nothing worse.'"

~Rabbi Robert H. Loewy,
regarding a Faith Statement on Public Discourse

News & Discussion Topics:

  • Billboard of Joseph and Mary in Bed (more info)
  • Mary as a Pro-Choice Figure (more info)
  • Creche and Menorah Removed Due to Lack of Funds for Fight (more info)
  • Oral Roberts Death (more info)
  • Top Religion Stories of 2009 (more info)
  • Protestant Clergy on Islam (more info)
  • An Interfaith Statement on Public Discourse (more info)
  • Religious Freedom Around the World (more info)
  • Sex Offender Law Prevented Worship (more info)
  • Give This Christmas Away - Amy Grant and Matthew West
  • Put the Lights on the Tree - Sufjan Stevens
  • Joseph and Mary's Boy - Alabama
  • Holy War - Brooks & Dunn
  • War is Over - John Lennon
  • Sister Winter - Sufjan Stevens
Upcoming Local Events:

"In Respect of Sacred Space" observance in response to theft/vandalism of houses of worship throughout the region. Tuesday 12/22/2009, 5 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church in Carbondale

Carbondale Christmas Eve Services -
Church of the Good Shepherd (UCC) 5 pm
First Christian Church (DOC) 7 pm
Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship (UU) 7 pm
First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 7 pm
First United Methodist Church (UMC) 7 and 11 pm

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