Faithfully Subversive August 14, 2008

Year 3, Episode 33

"Everyday, faith organizations serve individuals in need within our communities. But our efforts to sustain our brothers and sisters living in poverty must be complemented with a serious plan from our political leaders to reduce the number of needy."

~ Letter from religious leaders to the nominating conventions

News & Discussion Topics:

  • Obama is the Antichrist? (more info)
  • Obama and McCain at Warren's Church (more info)
  • Silly Pelosi, Jesus Already Saved the Planet! (more info)
  • Focus on the Family Prays for Rain (more info)
  • Religious Leaders Call for Focus on Poverty (more info)
  • If God Only Knew - Deidre McCalla
  • Planet Called Home - Holly Near
  • Singing in the Rain - Gene Kelly
  • Dancin' in the Rain - Nicole C. Mullen

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