Faithfully Subversive June 5, 2008

Year 3, Episode 23

The Immigrant by Beverly Dale

Beseeching on behalf of their children
To the stranger who could be a neighbor,
“Have you no safe place for us?”
Home is no longer an option.
But neighbors choose to be strangers and turn away,
There is no room in the inn.

Holding empty hands and despairing hearts
They bear no gifts or food or hope.
"Have you no safe place for us?"
To escape what was, to build what could be,
Dreaming, hoping, and waiting.
But there is no room at the inn.

News & Discussion Topics:

  • Humane Borders / Fronteras Compasivas (more info)
  • Burger King agrees to start paying farm workers fairer wages (more info)
  • Why aren't the war perpetrators being held accountable after so much testimony? (more info)
  • "Neptune City" - Nicole Atkins & the Sea 
  • "Hope for the Hopeless" - A Fine Frenzy 
  • "The Story" - Brandi Carlile 


Marleen said...

Isaiah, it was so nice to have you on the show!

Isaiah said...
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Isaiah said...

I think it was cool to be on WDBX today. It ROCKED So HARD!!!

Satanist Sam said...

Let's all go to I Rock!