Faithfully Subversive May 22, 2008

Year 3, Episode 21

"I welcome the ruling of the California Supreme Court affirming the fundamental right of all people to marry and establish a family. All children of God should be afforded the same rights under the law, and this decision recognizes that all Californians, regardless of sexual orientation, have equal access to one of our fundamental institutions. This decision gives our church another opportunity to partner with our state to ensure that all families have the support they need to build relationships that strengthen our communities, state and country." - Episcopal Bishop Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus of the diocese of California

News & Discussion Topics:

  • Rabbis Call to Boycott Olympics (more info)
  • U.S. Jews Create New Lobby to Temper Israel Policy (more info)
  • California Gay Marriage Ruling & Church Reactions (more info)
  • Peace in the Neighbourhood - Paul McCartney
  • It's All Right - Indigo Girls
  • C'mon People - Paul McCartney

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