Faithfully Subversive April 17, 2008

Year 3, Episode 16

"The Scriptures are still clear about the equality of all men and women. The Scriptures are still clear about loving all people equally. The Scriptures are still clear about fighting injustice and standing against the immoral and dehumanizing traditions of man. Why can't you apply THOSE Scriptures to us instead of the six verses you misuse over and over again to clobber and condemn GLBT people?" ~Mel White in an open letter to Jerry Falwell, 1999

News & Discussion Topics:

  • What's the Buzz - Jesus Christ Superstar: A Resurrection
  • Six Flags Over Jesus - Jamie Anderson
  • A Love This True - Jamie Anderson
Upcoming Local Events: All this week, GLBT Awareness events at SIUC, including "Homosexual Acts" demonstration, a transgender panel, and a kiss-in. More details here.

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