Faithfully Subversive January 31, 2008

Year 3, Episode 5

News & Discussion Topics:

  • The Fairest of the Seasons - Nico
  • To the Moon - Sara Groves
  • Planet Called Home - Holly Near
Local Event tomorrow: 8 a.m. "Breakfast with the Bioneers" at the Interfaith Center in Carbondale


Rose in NC said...

Marlene, I really enjoyed having you on the show yesterday. You've definitely matured as a radio host since you began. I think you're finding that balance between a great deal of calm, volume control and joking good time. Good job. Glad to see your progression.

Marleen said...

Thanks Rose!
It's trial by fire for me. I'm admittedly a much better writer than speaker; but, I think this is an important enough endeavor to get out of my comfort zone, you know? Keep listening, and let me know if you have any suggestions.